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I want to see you. me. I'm very interested in you. let's have sex. I love you so much. please reply to my chart. i really want to see you.Prepare well

1. The first way to have an intimate relationship is to prepare everything well. If you and your partner are still shy, communicate your intentions well. Because you can't force a partner even though it's legal to have sex. Then, if you and your partner still don't want a child, then prepare contraceptives such as condoms.

2. Choose a romantic location

The second way of dating is to choose a supportive and romantic location. It can be a cool and relaxing mountain atmosphere or a nice beach atmosphere. Keep an eye on the bed that will be used, make sure it is clean and comfortable.

3. Pay attention to time

In an intimate relationship for the first time, of course you want a long time, don't you? Because a long time will give you a feeling of relaxation and relaxation. So watch out for an intimate relationship. If you don't want to be in a hurry, you can either do a long night or a relaxing honeymoon.